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recycle our packaging

hey organicgirl friends!

thanks for stopping by to learn how you can recycle our packaging!


about those clamshells

every organicgirl clamshell is made of 100% rPET (recycled plastic) water bottles. five to be exact. that represents a lot of repurposed plastic going into our packaging and not our landfills. plus, they’re fully recyclable after use!

help us out and remember to recycle our packaging after you enjoy your good clean greens!

check out our video below to learn more.

about those 3-pack bags

we’ll admit it. the plastic we use to package our 3-pack hearts of romaine is not easily recyclable. but right now they’re our best option. since we don’t have a better solution to recycle our packaging, we partnered with our friends at Terracycle. they take our hard to recycle bags and upcycle and transform them into new, cool stuff.

recycle our packaging

here’s where you come in:

through organicgirl’s r3 program, you can earn awesome rewards! when you send us your empty bags, we forward them to Terracycle so they can do their magic. then we send you a neat thank-you, like more organicgirl greens!

here’s how it works:

  1. enjoy delicious organicgirl hearts of romaine.
  2. return your used organicgirl hearts of romaine bags to us.
  3. we send you free organicgirl goodies to enjoy!
  4. be satisfied knowing you did something good for the environment.
  5. just eat and repeat.

start r³ now!

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frequently asked questions & answers:

1.) why don’t you package your greens in biodegradable material?

we launched organicgirl with a PLA (biodegradable) clamshell and there were some downsides to this solution. there are few places where PLA containers can be composted (resulting in many being thrown in the trash). PLA containers may break down within three months but can only do so in a controlled composting environment. PLA containers take far longer to break down in a compost bin or landfill and cannot be mixed with other plastics in recycling (also resulting in many being thrown in the trash). after receiving tons of feedback about the difficulties that come with PLA containers, we decided to switch our packaging. we are currently using 100% recycled rPET plastic. we are always looking for an alternative to plastic. please help us out and continue to recycle or upcycle our clamshells.

2.) are you doing anything to reduce the amount of plastic that you use?

we are always trying to optimize and improve our packaging solutions. last year, we worked with our manufacturers through months of trials to reduce the plastic in each clamshell. we are continuing to test new materials that use less plastic and keep our greens fresh. we know this isn’t perfect, so we welcome all suggestions about ways to improve.

3.) why can’t you package your greens in cardboard?

cardboard is not able to withstand the cold supply chain. cardboard can collect moisture, grow moldy and break down in the shipping process. you can imagine what that would do to your good clean greens! 

4.) why don’t you sell your greens in bulk?

we package our greens after triple-washing them so that they arrive to you nice and clean. the packaging we use also keeps our greens fresh much longer than your average clamshell. selling greens in bulk would pose both a food safety and quality issue–and that doesn’t sound good or clean to us!

5.) can you share some ideas for how we can reuse your packaging?

yes of course! our clamshells are great for a variety of crafts and as reusable tupperware! we use them to grow herb gardens, plant succulents, wrap gifts, pack food for a picnic or backpacking trip, and to store random odds and ends like office supplies or toys! check out our inspiration gallery below.